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eve within that sun beating down on us today, it's still gonna be chilly. normal high this time of year is about 56 degrees. we were short of that yesterday. eefben with the afternoon sun. and today will probably be a repeat of the whole thing. big area of high pressure sitting over most of the east coast. all right. so that keeps the storms away. rain down around florida. rain and snow. west coast has been hammered by some storms. that will continue today for them. for us, nice and quiet and sunny. how long will that last? thanksgiving is coming up. we'll be talking about that. our big story this morning. more questions than answers after baltimore city police pull a body out of the inner harbor. >> this morning police have identified the body as a johns hopkins neurology professor. as ky reed tells us, investigators are hoping an autopsy will provide some answers as to what happened to elizabeth ohern. >> according to her linked in and facebook pages, elizabeth
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ohern was a faculty member in the neurology and neuroscience departments at johns hopkins school of medicine. now, investigators are hoping an autopsy will explain why the 53-year-old woman was found floating off a pier in canton thursday. police say someone spotted the woman's body floating face down in the water near the 2300 block of boston street about 4:45 in the morning. ohern lived in a gated condominium community not far from where her body was discovered. it >>'s pretty random, you would think. but then one body, multiple bodies. >> neighbors are especially concerned because ohern's is the second body found in the water in less than two months. >> the likelihood of dieing in that water seems slim because it's so shallow. it's not very deep. i know that things wash up and you don't expect it to be bodies. >> a male body was found in the harbor there on september 26th. initially police say they were investigating the death as suspicious. no other information was
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available from police friday night. according to her facebook page, ohern got her graduate degree in '85 after graduating from yale. she had been in hopkins since 1994. at this point, police say they don't suspect foul play. ky reed reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> baltimore city police say ten violent drug dealers are off the streets this morning, arrested during a massive bust in west baltimore. a total of 24 people have been charged with multiple felony drug problems. state police say the operation was a joint effort with atf agents and city prosecutors launched after a surge in violence in the franklin square and pen rose neighborhoods. which investigators have seen an uptick in violent crime since the summer including a murder and ten nonfatal shootings. a new look this morning into that melee in towsend back in september. documents are now revealing outmanned officers struggled to
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gain control of an unruly and defiant crowd of thousands. here's david collins. >> manned and under orders to use restraint, police encountered drunk and defiant roving mobs and party goers. all under a cloud of marijuana smoke in the 500 block of nook road. 1500 people shut down the road and sidewalks. this was only the first wave of trouble. police from four precincts the investigative services unit, canine, violent crimes unit, maryland state police from jfk barracks along with officers attempted to take control. numerous calls reveal police had their hands full. >> i need the police here immediatel immediately. >> stay on the phone with me. >> according to just released
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police reports the mob would reform and police reports indicate the problem started when they began turning people away from a charity event sponsored by chapter of the fraternity. owners closed the doors when it reached 600 capacity. police had no effect at all. the crowd broke the door trying to get in. the owner used a bull horn to tell the crowd the event was sold out. he asked for police assistance. with the capacity crowd left it created a second wave of surge. the multitude swelled to 2500 people. the sound of bottles breaking added to the trouble. at least one person was cut. police advised business owners to close for their own safety and went inside until order was restored. as police met resistance, shots rang out. the victim had just left the wrecker when a car drove up and
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he was shot twice. police reports indicate at one point he was trying to break up a fight behind the wrecker, the unruly crowd surrounded officers to prevent them from intervening. police used pepper spray to safely withdraw. one suffered a laceration. another was pounded, nose bloodied and his two front teeth knocked loose. police arrested seven people were disordinarily conduct and second degree assault. on monday the owners of the theater will defend themselves. this is a show cause hearing on why their license should not be suspended or revoked. more help is available for victims of domestic violence. a new program at gbmc lieutenant anthony brown helped launch the safe program friday. it offers treatment for victims and provides a state wide support of services to help prevent future abuse. >> we believe that reaching out to these individuals is a huge
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help for the community as well as getting these victims moved into other resources that are available. >> the program is part of a state wide initiative that includes sick other hospitals in maryland. you know how twinkies are supposed to have a ridiculously long shelf life? unfortunately the company that makes them has hit its expiration date. hostess is going out of business, leaving 18,000 people without a job. as 11 news reporter rob roblin tells us, a world without hohoes or dingdongs has people stocking up. >> at the hostess store, shelves were almost empty. word came down this morning that hostess was going out of business and the store would be closing. this morning drivers went out on their routes then parked their trucks for the last time. >> it's a tough time for everybody. just trying to make the best of it. >> any idea when you are going
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to be closeed? >> 6:00. it's over today at 6:00. we'll get rid of what we have. 6:00. >> the strike started last friday and we were told the company wanted the workers to take an 8% pay cut when the thursday deadline was not met by the union, the company decided to go out of business closing 33 bakeries, 577 stores, putting 18,500 people out of work. >> i think the bakery could have done better than striking like that. >> what are you going to do sir. >> i have no idea. >> so this afternoon here at the glenn bernie store, they were putting out the last boxes of twinkies that hey had to sell. >> do you think somebody else will make twinkies in. >> sure. somebody will buy it.
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>> it is what it is. >> for the customers who have been coming here for years, this is a sad day. >> terrible, you know what i mean? something could have been done. lot of people lose a lot of jobs over it. it's a sad thing. been here a long time. we shop here all the time. >> this place was a blessing. it really was a blessing. i was broke and somebody asked me to get a loaf of bread. i did have 99 cents. so for me, it was a real blessing. >> the cup cakes are one thing. people losing their jobs is another thing. especially so close to christma christmas. >> sad. >> let's hope that someone will buy those brands and put those folks back to work. >> time 9:08. it's 43 degrees on tv hill. dr. hayden from the library will be here with her book selection. i see her standing over there. >> she sure is. decking the halls. up next, we'll take you live to
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harbor place for a look at how they're already getting ready for christmas. right now the weather pattern is favoring us with some really nice conditions out there. will that hold together for thanksgiving? we'll talk abo
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it's really nice out there this morning. we have a big area of high pressure sitting over us and it's really dominating the weather along the east coast. the only place there's a problem is along the coast of florida, producing rain activity coastal atlantic. there's even a bit in the gulf area, gulf coast region across the peninsula. we'll be watching that stuff
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down there to the south. it may toss some clouds our way tonight or tomorrow. but really, the high pressure is what's dominating the situation. now, the difference is, the high pressure's cleared the skies out so we have some sun. the sun does have a hard time, eveen this time of year, warming things up. look at the temperature track that we expect here. what we had and what we expect for the area. if you'll notice, we started out on the 13th. rather mild. we were in the 60s. cold front came through. took the temperatures down. as we move that track past today and into next week working just before thanksgiving, you'll notice we don't quite get to the normal line, which is 56 degrees. we work towards it. by thanksgiving we may be up around normal, 56, 57 for the high. the cold air, even defeats the efforts of the sun to warm us up even more. 47 downtown at the science center, only 37 in easton.
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up to 47 ton boardwalk. ocean city. still in the 30s in parkton. frederick is almost 40. 30s in far western maryland right now. here's that disturbance down to the south. clouds getting up to near hatteras. maybe even pushed further north during the day today. this big area of high pressure sitting overhead so it's going to be very hard for actual stormy weather to get our way. we also have some stormy weather a little disturbance up in e dakotas. and the west coast is catching storms. you can see this big swirl of clouds here off the coast of british columbia and the gulf of alaska. that's gonna keep spinning some nasty weather right through the weekend. our weather's nice and quiet. lots of sunshine today. unseasonably chilly temperatures. 56 is the normal high. we'll probably be just slort of that today. the sun makes it feel good. north/northeast winds at five to ten miles an hour. the weather pattern, jet stream
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lies between where you see the blues and the oranges. it's taking a dip over the west coast that's why it's so stormy there. it's generally riding high around here. there is a dip down here. you'll see that unsettled weather off the florida coast. then as we go to thanksgiving day, we still have the stormy weather out in the pacific. we have a little dip down here off shore. we'll have to watch that and see what happens. but right now we're taking a positive attitude in the seven day forecast, keeping it dry right through thanksgiving. so today 53, tomorrow 51, maybe a few more clouds. by thanksgiving day, we expect a lot of sun and 57 for the high. >> what a great forecast. >> yes. all right. we're still days away from thanksgiving but santa and his helpers are already -- i can't believe this. they're already ready to kick off christmas spirit today. >> that's right. there's a ton of activities planned for the whole family this weekend including a parade to welcome santa. and from the watership
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partnership, good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us some of the fun things planned for today. >> we have a whole lineup of family friendly events today. we're gonna kick off with a holiday work shop by harbor place. and winter wonderland. there will be train rides, reindeer rides, circus acts and more. then we will do a parade to welcome santa at harbor place with a light show and power plant light show spectacular at 7. >> a reindeer ride? you're going to have deer pulling the kids? >> they will look a lot like ponies, actually. >> reindeer in the form of ponies. >> i was curious, is this actually starting a little bit earlier this year than traditionally? we were just talking about this about the parade and stuff. is this earlier than usual? >> it is. it's going to be a preparty i guess you could say. the holiday work shop will be from 1 to 3 and continue on from
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3 to 5:30 where kids can make lanterns or crazy hats. then winter wonder land will be from 3 to 6. that will be the circus acts and everything else. so there's a lot of festivities leading up to santa's arrival. >> you can get your picture taken with santa throughout the season, is that right? >> that's right. he's the best santa around, by far. >> sounds like a ton of fun. i know you have this pretty house behind you. it's decorated every year. that's where santa is, is that right? >> that's correct. that's his house. >> cool. and tell us how long does this go until? right until christmas eve, is that right? >> sure. i would encourage everybody to go to it's a water front life 'org for the full calendar of events. there will be stuff going on through november and december. >> thank you very much. we really appreciate it. log on to our website wbal we'll provide a link. sounds like fun. >> sounds perfect. we're speaking of cooler
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temperatures and christmas. the best way to warm up is with a good book. dr. hayden is coming up next with a few recommendations. >> the twilight breaking dawn part 2. max is here with a review. and bge is forecasting lower gas bills despite increased usage. we'll explain when 11 news saturday morning continues.
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>> welcome back. if you're looking for your next book selection dr. heyed season here with a few selections. >> good morning. this is a great time. you have thanksgiving and food and fairytales and just a time
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to relax and read. it's just a great time for books. i brought a few that will really get you going. one is about a family that's torn apart by their mother's obsession with food. and it is getting great reviews. it's got a lot of humor in it. what happens when all your mom thinks about is food and trying to make you eat? >> lot of people will enjoy it. >> this book is going to be made into a movie. it starts out the first page. there's this high powered executive. she's in a limousine going to a party. limousine stops at a light. she turns and looks out the window and there's her mother digging through a dumpster. she tells the driver to go on. so the story is going to be made into a movie. they're trying to cast the mother. how and why and what happened and how did that happen. so families. then richard russo, who's
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written so many books, he writes now about his relationship with his mother. so many dreams for him. it's a warm book. it's just really something that you can get into and talk about. as you're sitting there at dinner, consider this book. it is just wonderful because it tells you all about how we developed the table utensils that we use. did you know people used to carry their own personal knives around so they could cut up their food? that was a thing that everybody had their own knife. >> it also ebbing explores why you sit a certain way with the fork. it doesn't have to do with manners. >> it has to do with warfare and putting your fork a certain way and also your knife so that your dinner mate will know you're not gonna stab them.
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that's not quite what's going on. this was about a young chef who has the assignment to get the princess to eat because she's protesting because she doesn't want to mar marry the duke. he has to entice her. >> do they fall in love? >> you have to read the book. it's a modern day fairytale. if you can't get enough of fairytales, the retelling of the brothers grim story. the children's series is so popular. here's a modern update of the grim. you can really get into this, too. and then, a book that's getting a lot of buzz. the cutting season. it's a new author. and she is booting african-american history into a different light. she has an african-american woman who is the caretaker of a plan, modern day plantation. and what happens when there's a
9:23 am
mystery and a body and more food. >> sounds like a good first novel for her too. >> it's wonderful. she's one to watch. then to really have fun. what happens when an ex-google programmer loses his job and goes to work at a 24 hour bookstore. what she finds is the loss of weird things are happening in a 24 hour bookstore. it's really a fun ride. you find out what happens at the bookstore. >> there's something for everybody in your selection. you can all get them on the e reader. wonderful. you can check out your own e reader and download thousands of titles including the books. you can check this out. in three weeks most of the books will disappear.
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>> they are ebb tending it to all the branchs. you can come in, check this out. download -- >> you can bring in your own device. >> plus, if you get a device for the holidays, you can don't know how to use it, we have free classes. in january, we will be inundated. >> happy thanksgiving. great to have you. the maryland zoo is joining us next with a chinchilla. so soft. first here's a look at some of the events going on around downtown.
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>> welcome back. a little chinchilla, soft little creature from the maryland zoo, joining us now right down the hill here. what a beauty. >> she is. she knows it, too. her name is snow queen. she's one of our animal ambassadors. >> so soft. >> i know. i tell people it is an rodent. very very full of fur. it comes off at the blink of an eye. super sup r fine fur which is why people make coats out of them. when you think about their face, 250 of them it takes to make a
9:28 am
coat. they're almost ebbing stint for that reason. >> you were telling me they don't know how to survive in the wild. >> for the pet trade. with the chinchilla, they're rodents so you think they're resilient. they haven't had any successful reintroduction programs so they haven't been able to put them back out into the wild. they are just very pretty, very pretty. they don't really know how to survive out in the wild. this is a great ambassador. it's one we can talk about how they're trying to figure out a way to get them back out into the wild. >> speaking of the wild, all your wild creatures at the zoo, you had a birthday coming up. >> we do. polar bears. having her 16th birthday. that is on tuesday. keepers are putting together a polar bear birthday cake for her.
9:29 am
>> they're going to do that around. they come out and see us. every year we do try to breed the polar bears. they're recommended. >> if you have other animals there, can take the calls. >> people don't realize, they can take the cold. elephants, they're outside. same with the rhinos. >> it's something to see. if the exhibits are active. every day we have something to see. you can talk to the keepers. i elephants. >> which reminds us, it's something you go through all the time. a great birthday gift. would be a season pass. >> you can buy those online.
9:30 am
you can also give a membership. i know a lot of people get that every year. you get discounts on tickets to events throughout the year if you're a remember. >> thank for joining us. >> i know. they're so soft. >> okay. have a nice time. enjoy. we'll be back with more.
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i have never been exposed to a chinchilla before. >> so we shall see. so far so good. you're all covered up. the sun will have a hard time defeating the chill that's coming in from the north. our temperatures have been below normal. it looks like they'll stay that way for awhile. the eastern seaboard. holding the storms away.
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there is a weather disturbance off the coast of florida. rain will stay to the south. we're in the sweet spot right now. will that last to thanksgiveing? the forecast just ahead. when in college, the snow conditions in the coming months. >> bge predicts, you'll probably pay more for your heating bills. there's one important caveat with that. george lettuce explains. >> bundle up. forecasters predict colder temperatures this winter, therefore, bge predicts higher gas bills, 11% higher than last year. customers are expected to use more heat and pay roughly $9 more per month. des spite the increase bge said it's the second lowest bill hike in a decade. that's because natural gas market prices remain at historic
9:34 am
lows and supply is up. >> it's a combination of a downturn in the economy, combined with the fact that there have been new reserves for natural gas that have been discovered. >> your bill is determined by how much you dial up that thermostat, so to what degree will it spell savings for you and me? >> ideally if you can set it at 68, that's the ideal temperature. but again, it really depends on your own home. >> with visions of a snow apocalypse still dancing in our head, baltimore's mayor is trying to get ahead of any storm that may come. she promised the city is prepared this time around. the snow removal budget stands at $2.7 million which is expected to pay for more than 300 essential personnel, 150 pieces of equipment and 16,000 tons of salt to do the job. >> we also have put a contract in place to make sure we have adequate resources to deal with piling up the snow and moving
9:35 am
out. >> wbal tv 11 news. time 9:34 and 40 at bwi. still ahead, the 11 kids. let's forget everything else. >> let's do it now. >> we can't. other things to talk about. >> we'll get there. we're talking all things thanksgiving. >> and we're talking about lincoln. brought back to life on the big screen. max is standing by with your review. >> a little bit here. really, what i want to watch is this potential storm off shore around thanksgiving. how close?
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radar pretty quiet around here. the radar is showing some rain in florida. there's a weather disturbance down there. disturbance in the dakotas producing a mix of rain and snow. been stormy on the west coast. low pressure over the gulf of alaska and the eastern pacific has been kept -- has kept the weather kind of unsettled. if you're flying out there, the west coast today or over the weekend you're gonna run into less than desirable conditions. stick around here. it's going to be nice. let's go outside. ocean city. tide's going out. the sun is out. temperatures got down near freezing this morning but it's warming up. 47 at the inner harbor. 55% the humidity. that number dropped dramatically since the sun has come up and things are beginning to warm up a little bit. the relative humidity goes down. the air is really dry. barometer 30.58. it's way up there and rising. and a northeast wind at 8 miles
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an hour. that high pressure is weighing down on us. it pushes all the storms away. keeps them away. air is nice and dense and heavy and cold. the cold can be seen here from last week. temperatures have fallen from the 60s, now 40s and 50s. here we are now. we expect a high today just below the normal. this red line indicates a typical high, 56 degrees. going into next week toward thanksgiving we rise a little bit but still stay just short of that normal of upper register of the mid 50s or so. 47 degrees right now in annapolis, 47 across the bay, chestertown 40, elk ton 41, 37 parkton. not quite 40 yet at frederick. in the low 30s to mid 30s out in far western maryland. here's the satellite image. this big area of high pressure. here's that disturbance to the south. that will drift north tomorrow. looks like rain will stay south
9:40 am
of us because this high pressure still a dominant weather feature. it will meet farther east and tuck itself up. clouds may drift into our area and afk our weather. out west here's the disturbance of the dakotas. there's a big storm out over the gulf of alaska. our forecast because we have this high, lots of sun. 50 to 55. and nice dry conditions. unseasonably chilly i mentioned. little low. average north to northeast winds five to ten miles an hour. insta weather future cast. there's the disturbance to the south. drifts north tomorrow. clouds. rain stays out in the carolinas. then as we get closer to thanksgiving this is wednesday, 5 a.m. we begin to see a storm developing off shore. some clouds perhaps for us. the rain not that close. that thing spins but stays away. we may get breezy, but by thanksgiving day looks like we'll be in decent shape. sunday big game, pittsburgh, in the evening. looks like it will be mostly clear and chilly as the ravens
9:41 am
beat the steelers 40-45. our high temperatures will be in the 50s, lows in the 40s, no rain drops in this forecast. keep your fingers crossed that the southern stuff stays away from us. thanksgiving day looks great. in this morning's woman's doctor, everyone knows prenatal tests are a way to ensure the good health of your unborn child. but just what are some of those tests and what do they mean? there are a standard battery of tests that begin the first few weeks of pregnancy. doctors say many other tests depend on the age, race and medical history of the mother. >> women have au autonomy to choose what they want. but we sort of go over each test, why we're doing what we're doing and then depending on whether they're religious, background, moral, ethics will depend on what it is that they
9:42 am
want. >> that's dr. robert atlas, who say many prenatal tests are becoming easier ton mother. screening for chromosome abnormalities is done with a simple blood test. it used to be done through inserting a long needle into a woman's belly. joining us with more information is dr. terry hoffman. gm gp. so much has changed. >> which is a good thing. just like our technology is so much different. so is what we do. there are women who come in and they want every test. others come in and they don't want anything. from the physician side of things we really like to do things to make sure the pregnancy is going well. and if there is going to be a problem ks there's things we can do to make the outcome as best as it can be. that's what we're aiming for. >> lot of women are having babies later in life. >> which carries a slightly greater risk. technically there's some extra testing we like to do. lot are come in and say i'm high risk because i'm 42? no, we just want to be more
9:43 am
careful. >> with the internet, people self-diagnose. >> and sometime it's i don't want this because this is what i read. i really think people need to be careful. the sites need to be medical sites not, oh i had an amnio and had a problem dot com. it's one person's opinion of things as opposed to what the facts are. >> the key is making sure women get in and see. >> the earliest you can get in, which is somewhat in the eight week range, to start things. some of the tests needs to be done at 12, 12 1/2 weeks. >> dr. hoffman, thank you very much for coming in. >> you're welcome. >> if you have any other questions or you'd like a referral call 1-800-md-mercy. welsh bella, edward and jacob are back on the big screen for the epic conclusion to the twilight saga. the review is coming up next. first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. [ male announcer ] what can you experience in a seat?
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take advantage of exceptional values on the audi a8 during the season of audi event. ♪ welcome back. at the box office this weekend, the epic love story comes to the big screen. kiera knightly plays the key official. a passionate affair threat ns to destroy the life she's built for herself. i like this one better. things are complicated in silver linings play book. bradley cooper has just been released from a mental hospital after finding his wife cheating. he meets jennifer lawrence a live wire who's on a few mends of her own. together two fight through their
9:47 am
neurosis and try to find happiness without pharmaceuticals. all right. i'm distracted. >> by the way, it has not opened in baltimore yet. they're opening around the country. they will be coming soon. i hope to review them both when they come. let's start with what is here. >> for all the young girls out there, twilight is back once again. >> this is the final chapter. breaking dawn part 2 which is a cause for either celebration on some part and mourning on another. i have to say i was dreading this fine installment. this is the chapter where bella becomes a fan pier. that's not a spoiler. that happened at the end of the last one. i kind of hate the idea that she gives up her humanity for this guy that she loves. i feel like it's sending a bad message to the tween audience. then once she becomes a vampire it's awesome.
9:48 am
she's super strong. her senses are awesome. sex with edward has never been better. she has great self-restraint as a vampire. she doesn't suck human blood. not even animals. they have a baby, renesme played by a lot of children. and jacob, the werewolf guy, he's been sort of bethothed. it's gross because it's a baby and he's a man. that's kind of happening. i don't like that. at the end of this movie there was an epic battle between the good vampires, the cullens and the bad, evil vampires. that's actually the best part of this whole series. you finely get to see some vampire fighting. because really for the most part
9:49 am
this has been a love story. so we do get some exciting action at the end. i think some fans may not find it someplacey enough. for me, two stars. >> all right. the other movie you want to talk about is lincoln. my wife loves daniel day lewis. what did you think? >> i think it's a testimony of how good he is. nobody's upset. no one is saying an american actor should play it. he does such an amazing job. this is steven spielberg. he literally takes lincoln off mt rushmore, humanizes him. you really get a feeling like you're seeing what lincoln is like. the voice is not what you expect. that's historically accurate. what you're sing in this movie, surprising humor. it's about the passing of
9:50 am
legislation. it's about the 13th amendment which was the amendment to abolish slavery and how lincoln worked the system to get this amendment passed. you're seeing politics at work as well as getting a really intimate portrait of lincoln and his whole life. you got sally field as mary todd lincoln, a role she was basically born to play. again, daniel day lewis, an absolutely astounding performance. i do like this film. i feel like it is a gift to american film goers. we're really getting to see what lincoln, the man, was like. 3 1/2 stars. >> whoa. good. all right. >> this is going to be a factor in the oscars for sure. >> he's always in it. >> hi's always in it to win it. >> you can read all of max's reviews. all right. stay with us. john has another look at your weekend forecast when we come back. and the turk
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>> welcome back. the cost of your thankgiving dinner going up. that's according to the annual survey from the farm bureau federation. the bird eats up most of the cost, about $22. then milk at $3.59 a gallon, sweet potatoes, three pounds for $3.15. pumpkin pie about $3. stuffing a little less especially if you get the day old bread. speaking of thanksgiving, we are going to debunk thanksgiving dinner. >> we're talking turkey. >> tell us how to make a turkey. >> we're going to talk about how to cook -- these are 16 pound turkeys. we'll make it nice and easy for you. you have the liquid to make the
9:54 am
gravy. let's get started. we have a thawed out fresh, all natural hillside farm local turkey that we use. we take the giblets out of the inside. you want to rinse the turkey off real good. i have taken olive oil and paprika. two table spoons of olive oil. wash it all over the bird. that will give us a nice color to it. we finally finish it off. brush it ton outside surface. >> one of the keys is you are cooking him in a tin pan. >> we like to do this. >> makes it easier for people. i tend to double them up. >> right. >> oil and paprika on the bird. then water. six cups of water. we're going to put water in the bottom of the pan. pull it over. under the bird.
9:55 am
okay. do that. we're gon ma take the oil. just over the top. and that will keep it from sticking to the bird. the key to this, you want to seal it really tightly around the edges so whatever pan you use, make sure it has a real good lid. seal it up. forgot one. sorry. >> that's okay. >> we've got onions, celery, granny smith apples, parsley and thyme. put it inside the body cavity. it's about two cups or so. this is a 16 pound bird. foil goes on real real tight. >> you would have tented this if i had given you more. the key is to really do it tight. >> it will go in a 350 dutch oven. the water will turn to steam and keep the bird real real moist. you won't have to baste it.
9:56 am
unstuffed bird. after two hours -- >> after two hours it looks like this. take the foil off. the bird will be about 140 degrees. if you notice the popup timer hasn't popped. the water in the pan will drain off. we'll put that into a clear pitcher. >> you're gonna take all the juices out now. >> the fat is in this little dish. it's risen to the surface. we're gonna make a gravy out of it. put the fat in the frying pan or sauce pan. do an equal amount of flour. it's probably about half cup of each of those. just for this size pan. >> we want to let everyone know the recipe for this is on our website, wbal you do these turkeys all the time. you found this is the best way to do it. >> this worked really well for us. we get the liquid to make the gravy. okay. once the flour and the fat have been mixed. i'll do this real quick. this will thicken as you cook it. >> the neat thing is, once this comes out after two hour, drain the liquid out. you put it back in the oven
9:57 am
then. >> uncovered. >> for how long? >> another half hour. >> it he nats the basting and it comes out looking like this. all of the work is done in the pan. >> because what's happened the steam will pick up some of the oil. gets over the surface of the bird. without the covering on the bird it goes back in the oven. get a beautiful crisp bird, nice golden color. 2 1/2 hours. no basting, no lifting, no fuss. >> no cooking. if you go to eddie's, just oord order from eddie's. he just gave me a whole idea for than thanksgiving. >> we're looking forward to thanks giving, weather wise anyway. we're off to a good start. this week looks dry. today we see a lot of sun. we'll be in the 50s all week long this coming week. a close brush with a storm to the south, but by thanksgiving everything should clear away. look, 57 with sunny skies. that's what the forecast is for next thursday. >> sam says a tin pan for the
9:58 am
steam to rise. only do that with a tin pan. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. we're stabbing the turkey.
9:59 am

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